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92nd Edition HDA Factbook: The Facts, Figures and Trends in Healthcare
The 92nd Edition HDA Factbook (2021–2022) provides comprehensive distribution performance metrics that highlight growth and trends in the pharmaceutical industry. The data examined within the report are from fiscal year 2020 — and reflect the impact of COVID-19.
HDA Pharmaceutical Distributors Manage 93 Percent of 2019 U.S. Sales
Data published today by the HDA Research Foundation reveal an estimated 93 percent of all U.S. pharmaceutical sales were completed through HDA-member traditional pharmaceutical distributors in 2019. As illustrated in the 91st Edition HDA Factbook, total distributor sales reached $519 billion.
Distribution Industry Remained Efficient and Resilient During First Year of COVID-19
Data released by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Research Foundation indicate that despite the challenges of COVID-19, pharmaceutical distributors maintained efficiencies to deliver millions of vaccines and medicines to providers — and ultimately patients. Published today, the 92nd Edition HDA Factbook: The Facts, Figures & Trends in Healthcare provides benchmarks and trends for the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain.
Pharmaceutical Sales Through Distributors Reach $493 Billion
In 2018, sales through pharmaceutical distributors increased by 6.7 percent, reaching $492.54 billion, according to a new report by the HDA Research Foundation. The 90th Edition HDA Factbook: The Facts, Figures and Trends in Healthcare (2019–2020) also notes that chain drug stores were the largest customer base for pharmaceutical wholesalers — accounting for 44.6 percent of all sales, a slight increase from 2017. Distributor margins, however, continued a four-year slide though they showed increases in efficiency.
Nearly 96 Percent of All U.S. Pharmaceutical Sales Went to Market Through HDA-Member Traditional Primary Distributors
The total number of U.S. pharmaceutical sales that went to market through pharmaceutical distributors increased to nearly 95.7 percent in 2016 (nearly two percentage points over the previous year) according to a new report published by the HDA Research Foundation. The Foundation released this new statistic in its 88th Edition HDA Factbook: The Facts, Figures and Trends in Healthcare (2017-2018).
HDA Foundation Factbook Provides Data on Industry Operations and Trends
The HDA Research Foundation released the 89th Edition HDA Factbook: The Facts, Figures and Trends in Healthcare (2018–2019), featuring updated data trends on the pharmaceutical distribution industry. According to the latest findings, chain drug stores remained the largest customer segment for distributors in 2017, representing 42.6 percent of all sales — a 10.2 percent increase from the previous year. Correspondingly, the total number of sales that went through primary pharmaceutical distributors in 2017 is estimated at 92 percent (or $461 billion).
2021 Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution Facts, Figures and Trends
The 13th edition of the HDA Research Foundation’s annual benchmarking publication on specialty pharmaceutical distribution offers insight into this unique marketplace.
Nearly 94 Percent of U.S. Rx Sales Pass Through Pharmaceutical Distributors
Nearly 94 percent (about $407 billion) of total pharmaceuticals sales in the U.S. were channeled through HDA-member pharmaceutical distributors in 2015, according to a new report by the HDA Research Foundation (formerly The Center for Supply Chain Research). The Foundation, the 501(c)(3) of the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, released the new findings in its 87th Edition HDA Factbook: The Facts, Figures and Trends in Healthcare (2016-2017).
2022 Understanding Pharmaceutical Distribution
This interactive course is made up of 13 modules illustrating the key pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders and their functions as products move from the manufacturer to the customer.

Number Of Results : 28

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