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Role of the Specialty Distributor in the Pharmaceuticals Value Chain
Through interviews, survey work and secondary data, Role of Distributors in the U.S. Specialty Pharmaceutical Value Chain provides an understanding of the role distributors play to ensure the efficient and effective distribution of specialty medications.
Elyse Petroni Joins HDA as Vice President of Communications and Marketing
The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) announces Elyse Petroni has joined the association as Vice President of Communications and Marketing. In this role, Ms. Petroni will work to promote the value of the healthcare distribution industry, while advancing the organization’s advocacy agenda with the media, policymakers and other key stakeholders.
Pharmaceutical Distributors Provide Essential Services to Specialty Rx Supply Chain
New research published by the Center for Healthcare Supply Chain Research, HDMA’s knowledge partner, indicates that pharmaceutical distributors provide the specialty pharmaceutical supply chain essential services while efficiently aggregating and delivering thousands of lifesaving medications to a large network of providers for the treatment of critically ill patient populations with chronic or rare diseases.
That's A Great Question
Most Americans take for granted the complex pharmaceutical supply chain that ensures their medication arrives safely, reliably and efficiently at the pharmacy, doctor’s office or hospital. Have you ever wondered how pharmacies and healthcare providers keep these vital medicines in stock so that patients have access to medicines when they need them, even during weather emergencies?
Member Spotlight: Tropical Storm Barry Highlights Distributors’ Crucial Role
Most days, pharmaceutical distributors fulfill their vital role largely unnoticed. Patients take for granted their medications will reach them safely and quickly. They don’t think about the systems, protocols, professionalism and technology required to make delivery seamless from manufacturer to pharmacy and, ultimately, to them.
‘Health Delivered’ Campaign Spotlights Integral Role of Distributors in Response To COVID-19 and Beyond
The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) today launched a campaign — “Health Delivered” — to communicate the healthcare distribution industry’s integral role and logistics expertise during the COVID-19 response, as well as distributors’ ongoing responsibility to fulfill the daily healthcare needs of all Americans. The first component of the campaign is a television ad showcasing HDA member company personnel working tirelessly in the face of a global pandemic to make sure American hospitals, pharmacies, providers and patients have the critical medicines and supplies they require.
HDA Pharmaceutical Distributors Manage 93 Percent of 2019 U.S. Sales
Data published today by the HDA Research Foundation reveal an estimated 93 percent of all U.S. pharmaceutical sales were completed through HDA-member traditional pharmaceutical distributors in 2019. As illustrated in the 91st Edition HDA Factbook, total distributor sales reached $519 billion.
Minimizing Risk Within the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
The U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain is responsible for providing patients safe, secure and timely access to more than 4 billion prescription medicines every year. Sustaining this complex supply chain requires the collaboration between a diverse group of partners, including manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies as well as other healthcare facilities and providers.

Number Of Results : 12

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