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Manufacturer Nomination Form

To be considered for a DIANA award, all entries submitted must include the following materials:

1. A completed DIANA entry form.

2. A completed DIANA self-evaluation form.

3. A narrative of no more than 600 words (or two pages if typed and double-spaced) summarizing the facts,

background information and any unique aspects of the nominated product introduction or promotion.

In this narrative, consider your product’s:

• Market share and correct forecast;

• Position as first to market or new in class, if applicable;

• Distribution and marketing model;

• Strategic marketing programs;

• Unique packaging or other delivery system to improve safety and security;

• Promotion of operational efficiencies in the distribution channel; and,

• Attributes that make the product launch or promotion notable and successful.

HDA advises entrants to be creative and to emphasize the ways in which the product introduction or promotion improved working relationships and operational efficiencies between manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers may highlight the ways in which the product positively affected the entire healthcare delivery system.

4. No less then three high-resolution, 300 dpi product picture and .eps company logo. The .eps file must be a true,

vector-based file saved with outlines. Please save the .eps for compatibility with Adobe Illustrator. We welcome

images that support the external positioning of the product such as advertising, marketing brochures and so on.

5. Eligibility Requirements:

1. Manufacturers submitting DIANA entries must be current HDA manufacturer members that manufacture

consumer or pharmaceutical products.

2. Nominated product promotions or new product introductions must have been announced or shipped by the

manufacturer to distributors between May 2020 and May 2021.

3. HDA’s official entry form must be used for all nominations.

4. Manufacturer members may submit multiple entries for each category.

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