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DMA Award

DMA AwardHDA’s Distribution Management Award (DMA) annually recognizes HDA member companies’ efforts to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the healthcare supply chain through successful trading partner initiatives.

The award highlights innovative collaborations between distributors and manufacturers that enhance processes, reduce costs and leverage advanced technologies or logistical practices. Recipients are models for leadership and innovation in the pharmaceutical distribution industry and demonstrate the power of successful trading partner relationships. 

This award honors collaboration between trading partners — distributors and manufacturers — and may include more than two winning companies. Trading partners must be HDA members and the nominated project must have been implemented or piloted in the 18 months before Dec. 31. 

Winners must demonstrate the value of distribution by developing creative, results-oriented initiatives that set the standard for excellence in the healthcare industry. Successful nominations will demonstrate:

  • Implementation of truly innovative technologies, processes or programs across trading partners, demonstrating the spirit of the awards;
  • Measurable gains in productivity, safety and/or efficiency, leading to significant value for the participants; and/or,
  • A measurable reduction of costs.

The HDA Industry Relations Council serves as the judging panel, and will review the nominations. A slate of finalists will be determined, and a final vote by the judging panel will decide the winner.

Learn about the 2022 winner and merit finalist.

For more information, contact Lisa Gallagher, Senior Director, Member Services, at (703) 885-0251.

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