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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Protect patient safety and access to medicines through the safe and efficient distribution of healthcare products and services.

Create and exchange industry knowledge and best practices to enhance the value of the healthcare supply chain.

Advocate for standards, public policies and business processes that produce safe, innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions.


HDA is an organization:

  • Championing all major constituents of healthcare distribution and their role as the vital link in healthcare;   
  • Serving as a go-to productive partner for government and public policy decision makers in offering broad-minded expertise for tackling complex healthcare distribution issues;
  • Acting as a leader in defining future industry standards, such as those around electronic commerce;
  • Developing solutions to complex business process problems affecting the industry so that our members can transform industry changes into opportunities; and, 
  • Creating and offering the preeminent base of knowledge about healthcare industry issues and best practices.


  • WE ARE COMMITTED TO OUR MEMBERS — We champion our industry’s role as the vital link in healthcare, and help our members transform change into opportunities by providing them with unmatched products and services.
  • WE ARE FUTURE FOCUSED —We use our 140 years of experience to offer broad-minded foresight to help our members adapt to a dynamic industry — and amid the changing healthcare environment, we don’t stop until we’ve shaped the best solutions for our members to deliver.
  • WE ARE COLLABORATORS — The essence of a productive alliance is partnership. To that end, we strive to create an environment where knowledge can flow freely and our members work together to achieve common goals.
  • WE ARE PROFESSIONALS — Our staff and member representatives are our most important resources. We value each person for what they know, we respect differences and viewpoints, and we accept accountability for our work and actions.
  • WE MANAGE OUR MEMBERS' RESOURCES AS OUR OWN — Resources are hard-won and finite. We use them wisely and invest them to create value for our members.


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