Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Healthcare Distribution Industry Vision 

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is essential to ensuring the health and vitality of the communities we serve. 

HDA is committed to collaborating across industry to develop and share DEI best practices to enhance our organizations — and ultimately strengthen the industry’s ability to innovate and deliver healthcare products safely, efficiently and reliably. 

HDA members are committed to DEI in service of an array of communities including: 

  • Our Workforces

    The people we attract and hire
  • Our Workplaces

    The environments we create
  • Our Customers

    The people we serve

Our Approach 

HDA has led an assessment process to benchmark strengths and challenges, and to understand the current landscape of diversity, equity and inclusion across the healthcare distribution industry. 

Leveraging employee input from HDA members gathered through focus groups, interviews, surveys and other methods, HDA has developed a vision, goals and a measurable action plan, approved by the HDA Board of Directors, to create, sustain and expand DEI initiatives across the healthcare distribution industry. 

While progress has been made in this ongoing effort, there is much work to do. These actions do not serve to simply check a box, or force a singular, inflexible option on all organizations. A collective and collaborative approach that encourages accountability for all business leaders and departments will lead to greater success.

Distribution Center Staff

DEI Governance at HDA

DEI activity at HDA is managed by a board-level committee chaired by Greg Drew, President, Value Drug Company, and a member-level task force.

What Does DEI Look Like in the Healthcare Distribution Industry?

✔ Attracting, hiring and retaining individuals with diverse backgrounds to enhance the industry’s workforce. 

✔ Developing resources and guidelines to encourage inclusive and welcoming organizational work environments. 

✔ Identifying, selecting and collaborating with suppliers and business partners that reflect diversity. 

✔ Collecting and sharing data to continuously refine industry DEI strategies and sustain progress.


Spotlighted Healthcare Distributor DEI Initiatives