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BLC 2017


BLC | June 11-14 | Phoenix, Ariz.


Monday, June 12 10:20 AM–11:40 PM, 1:15 PM–4:35 PM
Tuesday, June 13 9:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:35 PM–6:15 PM
Wednesday, June 14 9:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:35 PM–3:15 PM

One-on-one business appointments are scheduled by PartnerLinx® 2.0, HDA’s online business appointment scheduling system. The user-friendly system intelligently matches your preferences with available appointment requests and generates your team’s appointment schedule.

View the PartnerLinx Quick Tips or the PartnerLinx User Guide.

Click here to visit the PartnerLinx website.

How to Maximize Your One-on-One Business Appointment Experience

  • Register your team members;
  • Set up business discussion topics;
  • Share promotional materials;
  • Communicate with trading partners;
  • Select and prioritize meeting requests; 
  • Block up to three time slots for private appointments;
  • View the conference attendee list and plan your time based on your strategic goals; and,
  • View, save and print your appointment schedule.

Important Dates to Remember

  • December 9, 2016: Conference registration opens
  • January 23 to April 21, 2017: Distributor conference coordinators enter table topics in PartnerLinx and assign table captains
  • April 24 to May 12, 2017: Conference coordinators and table/team captains select and rank appointment requests in PartnerLinx (three time slots may be blocked for private appointments)
  • May 15 to May 19, 2017: Schedules are generated
  • The week of May 22, 2017: Appointment schedules are made available in PartnerLinx

Note that your company’s registration invoice(s) and HDA dues must be paid to receive your schedule.

All attendees must adhere to the 20-minute appointment duration to ensure equal meeting time with trading partners. There will a five-minute break between appointments to allow for travel time. To take full advantage of each appointment, it is recommended you bring an agenda to help drive your discussions, come fully prepared and bring the right people. In the event that you are unable to keep an appointment, as a courtesy to your trading partner, contact that person so that he or she can effectively use the open appointment time.

HDA manufacturer members may bring multiple teams to participate in the one-on-one business appointments. Each team will have a unique team name or topic and will be available in PartnerLinx 2.0.

For more information, contact Lisa Gallagher, Director, Member Services, at (703) 885-0251.

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