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‘Expect the Best. Prepare for the Worst.’ Building Resiliency in the Supply Chain

November 10, 2021 | 2:00 PM

Unexpected events, like adverse weather and the COVID-19 pandemic, can create potential disruptions to your supply chain — however, your 3PL vendor can help you mitigate those disruptions to ensure patients receive their biopharma medications in a timely fashion.

Join this webinar to learn how Cardinal Health 3PL Services protects biopharma shipments from the adverse effects of weather and other disruptions, to help you build a more resilient supply chain.

Speakers will discuss the pharmaceutical supply chain, how 3PL vendors prepare for potential disruptions, the routine measures they employ to help protect the products, and how the contingency plans they create minimize disruption in the supply chain and ensure delivery to patients and healthcare customers.



Joel Wayment, Vice President, Operations – Cardinal Health 3PL Services, Cardinal Health, Inc.


Bruce Bailey, Life Science Sales Executive, Skelton Truck Lines, Inc.

Jason Cook, Director, Warehouse Operations – Cardinal Health 3PL Services, Cardinal Health, Inc.

Josh Dolan, Vice President, Global Logistics, Cardinal Health, Inc.

Casey Sattler, Director, Final Mile Logistics, Cardinal Health, Inc.


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