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Speaker Resource Center

Event Details and Due Dates

August 10-13, 2021

  • Speaker Agreement, Bio and Photo, Session Title and Description Due: Per Invitation
  • Handouts and Presentation Due: Friday, July 30, 2021

Handout Materials and PowerPoint Template

To standardize our conference presentations, HDA has created a PowerPoint presentation template for each event for our speakers’ use. You may download the template via the links above under the respective event.

To help attendees properly prepare for their HDA event, HDA will post speaker handout materials and presentations to the HDA mobile app approximately 1–2 weeks prior to the event.

Your handout materials will be converted to a PDF file before they are posted. This will prevent individuals from tampering with or otherwise using your information inappropriately. Your PowerPoint presentation/handout materials will not be posted on the HDA website without your express permission.

Please note: Only original material developed by you or your company will be posted as handout materials. If you plan to distribute previously published material as part of your handout, we will not post this on the HDA website unless you have obtained written permission from the publisher. We can, however, create links from the HDA website to other websites that pertain to the issues you are presenting. Please be sure to include that information when submitting your handout materials.

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