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HDA Research Foundation

Research Foundation


The Foundation works with external partners to help fulfill its mission of supporting innovation and education of supply chain professionals in the processes behind the safe and reliable distribution of medicines and medical products. For more information about partnerships, or to inquire about engaging in research, contact Rachel Newman, Associate Director, HDA Research Foundation, at (703) 885-0250. 

Rutgers University 

The HDA Research Foundation has partnered with Rutgers University Business School Supply Chain Management Program since 2017. Each fall, a group of graduate students collaborate with HDA distributor and manufacturer members on top-of-mind industry issues, providing an opportunity to learn about the pharmaceutical supply chain industry. 

2021: "Sustainability Initiatives Within the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain”

In 2021, a group of five undergraduate students worked directly with distributor subject matter experts to benchmark sustainability initiatives in healthcare distribution. Findings indicate HDA members view reducing carbon emissions and waste/pollution as top priorities and are taking steps to decrease their footprint. Recommendations from the students include implementing operational excellence and increasing awareness about sustainability initiatives within HDA member organizations. The group held weekly panel discussions with distributor members, disseminated a survey to key stakeholders and held individual interviews with HDA members and the Food Marketing Institute, culminating in a presentation to HDA members and a whitepaper.  

Sponsors: Eisai, Inc and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Inc.

2020: "Minimizing the Impact of Drug Shortages on the End Consumer" 

Four students evaluated strategies for ensuring a flexible supply chain for situations where drug shortages occur. 

Sponsors: Eisai, Inc and IQVIA 

2019: "Benefits and Impact of the DSCSA on Supply Chain Adjacent Areas"

Through panel interviews and a survey with manufacturers, distributors and dispensers, a team of four graduate students explored how elements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) will extend into the broader healthcare system. View the webinar recording. 

Sponsors: IQVIA 

2018: "Change Management: Best Practices in Contract and Chargeback Administration" 

Five students worked as a team to understand how system conversions tied to technology upgrades and/or acquisitions cause companies to lose money because of lack of consistency in terminology and process in contract and chargeback administration across the industry. View the webinar recording 

Sponsors: Amneal Pharmaceuticals, IQVIA and WDSrx – Woodfield Distribution, LLC

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