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Emergency Preparedness and Response Efforts

Pharmaceutical distributors have emergency preparedness plans in place to ensure continued operations in emergencies, and they actively collaborate with their supply chain partners to solve challenges created by a pandemic or severe emergency scenario. HDA members’ logistics expertise allows them to quickly spring into action during emergencies to rapidly deliver medical supplies and disaster aid packages around the clock to impacted communities, ensuring the right medical supplies are getting to the right areas at the right times.

Visit the COVID-19 Response page to learn more about the industry's response to the outbreak, including federal, state and local resources.

Partnership with Healthcare Ready

Healthcare ReadyHDA also is a board member of Healthcare Ready (formerly known as Rx Response), an information-sharing non-profit organization of pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals, disaster relief agencies and local/state/federal government agencies that engages during a severe natural disaster, large-scale terrorist attack or a pandemic that disrupts the normal supply of medicines.


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  • Executive Vice President, Industry Relations, Membership and Education, HDA; and Chief Operating Officer, HDA Research Foundation
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  • Kristen L. Freitas
  • Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
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  • John E. Parker
  • Senior Vice President, Communications
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The Vital Link in Healthcare

HDA's "Vital Link Toolkit" was created to inform and educate the public on the role of pharmaceutical distributors in the healthcare industry.


Read press releases, public testimony and executive statements about HDA's efforts on behalf of pharmaceutical distributors and the entire supply chain.

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