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Federal and State Advocacy

Successful advocacy at the federal and state levels can help shape policy outcomes while supporting the development of relationships with key legislative audiences. As Congress, state legislatures and regulators conduct their work, they are seeking feedback from constituents to inform their decision-making. HDA-member business leaders, as healthcare distribution industry experts, have a powerful, unique voice and perspective that can help educate lawmakers and inform public policy.

Fostering Relationships for the Future

As an industry leader, you can be a proactive information resource for members of Congress and state legislators across the country. Just as HDA member professionals have business relationships with supply chain trading partners, the goal of advocacy is to establish and grow long-term connections with policymakers. Engaging often, such as in conjunction with an HDA-led meeting, goes a long way in helping to mobilize the industry quickly should a priority issue emerge.

Five Ways HDA Members Can Engage

  1. Contact Federal and State Lawmakers on Key Issues
  2. Engage Lawmakers During a Virtual Constituent Visit
  3. Participate in Capitol Hill Meetings and State Lobby Days
  4. Support Engagement Efforts through Media Outreach
  5. Join the HDA PAC
  6. Host a Facility Visit (when safe to do so)

Click on "Member Toolkits" in the left navigation to download federal and state advocacy toolkits designed for distributor-member professionals (note: an HDA account is required to access). Additionally, HDA’s Government Affairs team can help support your advocacy activities and host activities at various times throughout the year. Contact a member of the team for more information.


  • Kristen L. Freitas
  • Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
  • (703) 885-0232
  • Abigail Kizer
  • Manager, Federal Government Affairs
  • (703) 885-0274
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