HDA represents 35 distribution companies — national, regional and specialty. These members serve more than 200,000 licensed healthcare providers, delivering over 15 million lifesaving products to these outlets every day. Select a member in the left navigation to view their company profile. 

  • Quality Care Products LLC

    QCP is a national distributor of generic drugs, injectable, vaccines, OTC, medical supplies, and Rx/OTC repackaging in low, unit-of-use products in an FDA- and DEA-compliant, secure, state-of-the-art CGMP manufacturing facility. QCP is a primary supplier to 2,546 national healthcare facilities, including retail pharma, dispensing physicians, urgent care, LTC, mail order and surgical centers, as well as institutional and government entities.

  • Real Value Rx dba Hospital Pharmaceutical Consulting is a subsidiary of a 33-year-old wholesale distribution company and has been licensed to distribute prescription drugs in the United States since 2011. The company is licensed in 47 states to serve the pharmacy industry at a national level.

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