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Prodigy Health Supplier Corporation

Incorporated in 2001, Prodigy Health is a national specialty distributor providing reliable and safe distribution services to healthcare providers across all 50 states. Prodigy provides traditional wholesale distribution with an added focus on specialty, same-day deliveries of critical medications, 24/7/365. Prodigy offers a portfolio of brand, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals for IDNs, hospitals, outpatient points of care and pharmacies. Prodigy’s robust distribution network, anchored by three redundant distribution centers, 250+ co-located inventory locations and large network of healthcare couriers, assures customer’s emergency deliveries arrive within an average of two to six hours. Solutions are all powered by Prodigy Vision, a proprietary technology platform, providing customers and manufacturer partners real-time visibility and seamless contracts management experience. This scaled high-touch approach to distribution provides value added solutions for customers and manufacturers, all with practical costing models. Click here for more information.

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