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How to Join HDA

HDA membership provides access to networking opportunities, research, member-developed education and resources for the healthcare supply chain. 

  • Distributor

    Distributors considering an HDA membership must purchase or receive pharmaceutical and health-related products in bulk quantities, inventory these products, distribute them in individual package quantities and provide other value-added services to its suppliers and healthcare providers.

  • Manufacturer

    HDA Manufacturers are primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing or labeling healthcare products.

  • Service Provider

    HDA service providers provide goods and services to distributors and manufacturers that are not intended for resale. These companies may include, but are not limited to, advertisers and consultants, public relations firms, media companies, brokers, hardware/software suppliers and publishers.

  • Health, Beauty and Wellness/Consumer Manufacturers

    Health, beauty and wellness or consumer manufacturers considering HDA membership are primarily engaged in developing, manufacturing or labeling beauty care or consumer products.

  • International

    HDA international distributors must operate as a full-service, healthcare-related product wholesaler in a geographical territory outside the United States and its territories.

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