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EPA Waste Rule Examined in HDA Op-Ed for Chain Drug Review

August 8, 2016

An op-ed written for Chain Drug Review by HDA’s Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Anita Ducca, examines the implications of the EPA’s proposed rule on managing pharmaceutical waste. This rule proposes a sector-based approach to managing pharmaceutical waste, with unique waste-management requirements tailored to the operations of a number of specific healthcare facilities.

"While the intent of the proposed rule is fundamentally solid," said Ducca, "…the rule potentially may lead to unintended and extreme consequences for pharmacies … We urge all stakeholders, and especially dispensers, to take the time to learn about this proposal and to work with the EPA to craft a policy that works for each segment of the supply chain while allowing for the safe and secure disposal of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals."

Additional details on the EPA’s proposal can be found in the Federal Register and the HDA-hosted webinar, "EPA Proposed Rule on Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals."

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