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Cardinal Health Wins HDA's Distribution Management Award for Ergonomic Upright Refrigerated Unit

March 7, 2017

ARLINGTON, Va. — Cardinal Health is the winner of HDA’s 2017 Distribution Management Award for its ergonomically friendly and timesaving upright refrigerated unit. Recognized annually, the award was presented today at the 2017 Distribution Management Conference and Expo in Palm Desert, California.

Awardees of the DMA demonstrate the value of distribution by developing creative, results-oriented initiatives that set the standard for excellence in the healthcare industry. The winner and finalists were selected by distributor and manufacturer member executives of HDA’s Industry Relations Council.

Perry Fri, Executive Vice President of Industry Relations, Membership and Education and COO of the HDA Research Foundation, said, “The Distribution Management Award honors companies that are always in search for better ways to safely and efficiently move our nation’s medicines to the benefit of their ultimate customer — the patient. HDA is pleased to recognize Cardinal Health’s efforts to go above and beyond to serve its customers, while protecting the pharmaceutical supply chain.”

With its mail-order pharmacy customers in mind, Cardinal Health, in collaboration with Sonoco, developed a qualified, upright refrigerated unit that easily fits into almost any cooler, without exposing the products to ambient conditions. Because the unit is wheeled, the need for a pallet jack is eliminated, and the ergonomic design eliminates the need for individuals to lift any heavy lids or to bend over to put in or pull out products. It features a padded door that folds up, making it easy for customers to easily remove the product from the unit. Shelves at the middle and top of the unit hold coolant bricks, which keep products within the allowable temperature range for refrigerated products throughout the distribution process. A Cardinal Health customer reported they were 68 percent more efficient in the receiving and replenishing of refrigerated product when using the upright refrigerated unit.

“The upright refrigerated unit is one example of our dedication to continuous improvement in the supply chain process, so our customers can get back to the business of healing and focus on navigating the complexities of healthcare,” said Jim Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager at Cardinal Health. “From start to finish, this product gives supply chain professionals access to a time-saving, safe and reliable way to transport and receive refrigerated pharmaceuticals. We are honored to be recognized by HDA for this solution.”

In addition to Cardinal Health, Cipla USA was recognized in the Merit Finalist category for its U.S. own-label market launch. For the launch, Cipla partnered with a major 3PL for a full range of supply chain and financial services, with the goal of providing exemplary service while accommodating larger growth in a short timeframe. After two years the line has grown from four molecules and two customers, to more than 70 molecules and more than 2000 customer and product combinations, with QuintilesIMS ranking the company number 11 in the U.S. market (by volume).

Further information about the Distribution Management Award can be found on the HDA website.


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