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HDA Announces Availability of API Certification Program for Origin

February 14, 2018

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) and ValueCentric today announced the introduction of a new certification program for third-party solution providers to exchange data with Origin on behalf of their manufacturer and distributor clients using an Application Programming Interface (API). Adents, a leading provider of premier and versatile serialization and track-and-trace solutions, is the first solution provider that has entered to meet the certification.

“The launch of the API represents another step forward toward our goal of facilitating — and simplifying — the exchange of DSCSA-related master data between supply chain partners,” said Perry Fri, HDA’s Executive Vice President of Industry Relations, Membership and Education. “With this certification, solution providers will be able to provide their clients’ most accurate, up-to-date GTINs directly into the Origin service to share with many trading partners, in one place and at one time.”

Origin certification is a clearly defined process; candidates connect to the User Acceptance Testing environment and are asked to demonstrate the ability to properly engage and exchange data through the API. The process tests the candidate’s ability to both upload and download data through the API and validates the ability to interface with Origin on behalf of multiple clients.

In addition to testing steady-state master data management, certification testing introduces a number of controlled exceptions designed to ensure that partnering solution providers’ systems have a way to deal with every possible error condition. Testing ensures that service providers can seamlessly connect with Origin and limit data exchange errors. Origin will recognize companies that have been certified through the program.

The same API and testing environment can also be used directly by manufacturers and distributors wishing to establish their own connection to Origin via the API.

“Accurate, unambiguous product master data is key when it comes to successful data transactions and operations with serialized products. Given the approaching regulatory deadlines, we understand the urgency and need for HDA’s initiative to establish a product data source system such as Origin,” said Adents CEO Christophe Devins. “Adents is proud to be the first partner to connect its Cloud Serialization Solution, Adents’ Prodigi, to HDA’s Origin database to help ensure the accuracy of product master data. We see it as a unique value-added service for our customers, who will be able to easily synch up their product data.”

Accepting subscriptions since September 2017, HDA’s Origin is a trusted source of GTIN reference data for the pharmaceutical industry. Besides serving as a master file database of all GTINs, Origin provides a service component and communications hub to engage and resolve any GTIN/product data mismatches encountered in the field, quickly and efficiently. Further details on Origin can be found at its website, Subscription questions may be directed to Perry Fri at

For more information about joining the Origin API Certification Program, contact Bill Henderson at


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ValueCentric is the leading data aggregation, analytics, and reporting platform for healthcare manufacturers and their delivery partners. Its innovative technologies cleanse, normalize, and integrate data to provide a complete picture of the product and patient journey for a variety of manufacturers, including Specialty, Branded, Generic, and Medical Products companies. Their cloud-based platform, ValueTrak, enables dynamic data sharing to achieve operational efficiencies, improve market access, and optimize the ability to serve patient needs.


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