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HDA Statement on President's "Buy American" Executive Order

August 7, 2020

ARLINGTON, Va. — In response to President Trump’s “Buy American” Executive Order (EO), Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) President and CEO Chester “Chip” Davis, Jr., released the following statement.

“HDA believes that a robust and diversified global supply chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare products minimizes the risk for disruptions and shortages. While we fully support increasing U.S. production capabilities, particularly for essential medicines and personal protective equipment, we urge policymakers to proceed with caution so as not to disrupt or destabilize current pandemic response efforts.

“Policies to increase domestic manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and finished dose medicines deserve thoughtful and careful discussion. However, as we consider avenues to strengthen the resiliency of the supply chain, we must first have a comprehensive understanding of manufacturers’ production capabilities and limitations to have greater insight into the availability and sustainability of pharmaceutical production, particularly of essential medicines.

“HDA’s distributor members are a critical connection point between approximately 1,300 pharmaceutical manufacturers and more than 180,000 healthcare providers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to working with the administration, Congress, regulators and supply chain partners to ensure the availability of safe and effective drugs for American patients, especially as new vaccines and treatments are discovered in response to COVID-19.”

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