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HDA's PCSC Recognizes Supply Chain Security Leaders

October 8, 2020

ARLINGTON, Va. — HDA’s Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition recognized three outstanding supply chain security professionals today through the annual PCSC Awards.

Presented virtually as part of the PCSC Online Seminar, the awards honor leaders who demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and integrity, while undertaking extraordinary efforts to serve and protect their communities. The 2020 honorees include:

Charlie Cichon, Executive Director, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI)
Mr. Cichon leads NADDI, a non-profit organization that promotes cooperation among law enforcement, healthcare professionals, state regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders, to investigate and prevent prescription drug abuse and diversion. He has served in various roles at NADDI for more than 20 years and is the Program Administrator for the National Precursor Log Exchange. A longtime PCSC member, he has committed his career to ensuring the safety and security of pharmaceuticals throughout the nation. Mr. Cichon is a former police officer for the Baltimore City Police and worked as a brand protection representative in the Americas for Eli Lilly and Company.

J.J. Coughlin, Director, Southwest Transportation Security Council (SWTSC)
Mr. Coughlin has chaired the SWTSC, a non-profit, voluntary organization fostering partnership between industry stakeholders and law enforcement to improve transportation cargo security, for more than 20 years. A retired sergeant with the Dallas Police Department, Mr. Coughlin is a respected leader within the supply chain security sector and active within the PCSC, regularly providing investigative services, security advice and counsel.

Tony Pelli, Practice Director, British Standards Institution (BSI)
For more than nine years, Mr. Pelli has been known as the “face” of BSI for pharmaceutical supply chain security professionals. He has helped to ensure the safety of distribution networks by conducting countless supply chain security assessments for organizations throughout the world. Through Mr. Pelli, BSI has been longtime supporter of the PCSC’s mission and work. He previously served as a Security Leadership Fellow at the Center for International Trade and Security in Athens, Georgia.

“The 2020 PCSC Award honorees are respected security leaders, whose collective commitment to excellence and sharing intelligence with others in the field has had a significant impact on our nation’s ability to protect the integrity of pharmaceuticals and other goods in transit,” said Chuck Forsaith, Vice President of the PCSC. “I am thrilled to recognize Charlie, J.J. and Tony for their achievements.”


HDA’s Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition offers supply chain security intelligence; access to contacts from industry, government and vendor trade disciplines; physical and supply chain security assessments; a reference library of supply chain security publications, articles and related documents; as well as opportunities to attend educational events. Primarily (but not exclusively) focused on the pharmaceutical industry, PCSC provides useful insights for anyone interested in supply chain security.


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