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Healthcare Distribution Centers: Key Facts and Figures


Pharmaceutical distributors have a long history of bringing the newest advancements and technologies to their warehouses. Back in 1947, the National Wholesale Druggists’ Association (an early iteration of HDA) tapped Ohio State University marketing experts to reimagine an entirely new type of layout for wholesaler warehouses, which included longer aisles, moving belts, “and roller skates for order pickers.” While the roller skates never caught on, healthcare distributors’ commitment to harnessing innovation to develop facilities that safely and securely get prescription medicines and medical products to the patients who need them has only grown.


HDA Featured in Chain Drug Review's 2019 "Pharmacy Outlook"


With a new year in full swing, HDA President and CEO John M. Gray looked ahead to the organization’s 2019 priorities (along with other industry association executives) as part of the Chain Drug Review “Pharmacy Outlook” feature.

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