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DSCSA Saleable Returns: Industry Plan for Best Using the Enforcement Discretion Period

Posted by Jaidalyn Rand

It has been clear for some time that the pharmaceutical supply chain has been concerned with meeting the November 27, 2019, saleable returns milestone. As the HDA’s Research Foundation’s annual Serialization Readiness Survey (conducted in May) notes, 79 percent of manufacturers have concerns with the viability of the Verification Router Service (VRS), while 82 percent of distributors are unsure about meeting the requirement.


Minimizing Risk Within the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


The U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain is responsible for providing patients safe, secure and timely access to more than 4 billion prescription medicines every year. Sustaining this complex supply chain requires the collaboration between a diverse group of partners, including manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies as well as other healthcare facilities and providers.

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