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November 2020 Archives

DSCSA, the 2023 Requirements and EPCIS

Posted by Anita T. Ducca

Since the enactment of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act in 2013, members of the pharmaceutical supply chain have undertaken efforts to meet each of the major milestones contained within the statute’s 10-year timeline to further secure the safety of the products being distributed. The industry’s progress to 2023 interoperability was top of mind as supply chain and other stakeholders came together at HDA’s recent Traceability Online Seminar.


A Conversation About Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Resilience and COVID-19


On October 27, HDA and The Hill brought together policymakers, leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and public health experts to discuss the supply chain’s response during COVID-19. In conversation with Steve Clemons, Editor-in-Chief of The Hill, speakers provided key insights on ensuring the strength and resilience of the pharmaceutical supply chain during this unprecedented crisis. Below are five takeaways from the dialogue.

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