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Member Spotlight: Tropical Storm Barry Highlights Distributors’ Crucial Role


Most days, pharmaceutical distributors fulfill their vital role largely unnoticed. Patients take for granted their medications will reach them safely and quickly. They don’t think about the systems, protocols, professionalism and technology required to make delivery seamless from manufacturer to pharmacy and, ultimately, to them.


Healthcare Distributors: Introducing a Hero of the Supply Chain

Posted by Perry L. Fri

HDA is proud to partner with and support Healthcare Ready’s Heroes of the Supply Chain campaign, which highlights the unsung heroes who keep critical healthcare supply chains intact all year long. 


Healthcare Distribution: Rain, Snow or Shine


Pharmaceutical distributors deliver millions of medicines and healthcare products to providers nationwide — rain, snow or shine. Every day, hundreds of thousands of patients across the country depend on the uninterrupted delivery of prescription medicines, and pharmaceutical distributors work around the clock to ensure these products get to where they need to be, safely and efficiently. As winter marches on, with snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures in parts of the country, HDA member companies rise to the challenge of making sure vital medicines reach the people who need them, no matter what it takes.

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