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Brian Waldman

Brian Waldman, Esq., MBA


Arent Fox LLP

Brian Waldman concentrates his practice in the area of food and drug law and advertising law, counseling clients primarily on pharmaceutical, medical device, food, dietary supplement and cosmetic issues, with particular emphasis on developing effective strategies for introducing and distributing new products. Brian advises clients on a broad range of legal and regulatory issues in all phases of a product’s life cycle, including (i) developing appropriate strategies for the introduction of new ingredients and finished products, (ii) coordinating pre-market safety, efficacy, and claims evaluations, (iii) preparing FDA-related applications and notifications, (iv) designing compliant and effective labeling, advertising, and promotional materials, as well as educational materials, (v) ensuring post-marketing regulatory compliance, including compliance with adverse event reporting requirements and limitations on off-label promotion, and (vi) responding to threatened enforcement action. Brian has been advising clients including HDA on drug distribution issues since 1995.

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