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Women's Executive Forum

The Women’s Executive Forum, organized through HDA, is a network of female professionals brought together to discuss issues of common interest in the workplace. This forum is intended to be an opportunity to share HDA member company best practices related to leadership development, provide awareness of existing leadership development resources within the industry and explore greater diversity in HDA programming. By engaging and developing women we will increase their contribution to the industry and to individual businesses.

Any HDA Women's Executive Forum event is open to any HDA member or conference attendee, depending on the event.

HDA Member Survey Results

In March of 2011, HDA surveyed its members about leadership training, mentoring and development opportunities within their companies and asked what HDA can do to support their existing efforts. The survey results showed a desire for additional resources for leadership development or training for female executives. View select results from the member survey.


"Cracking the Glass (Hospital) Ceiling: Gender Diviersity in Health Care," MPH@GW Staff, GW Public Health Online, July 2016

Though women make up 75 percent of the health care workforce, and are the primary decision-makers when it comes to their families' health care needs, they are still underrepresented when it comes to leadership roles in the industry.

"The Five Types of Impostor Syndrome and How to Beat Them," Melody Wilding – The Muse, Fast Company, May 2017

Are you a perfectionist? How about a superman or superwoman? Maybe pride yourself on being an expert? Learn how to work through behaviors that may not be serving your interests and enhance your personal leadership abilities.

“Unlocking the Full Potential of Women in the US Economy,”Joanna Barsh and Lareina Yee, McKinsey report — April 2011

Excerpt: “As the US struggles to sustain historic GDP growth rates, it is critically important to bring more women into the workforce and fully deploy high-skill women to drive productivity improvement.”

"What Makes Global Leaders Successful,” James S. Turley, CEO, Ernst & Young, from Fortune’s blog and the Davos Journal 2011

Excerpt: “Many corporate leaders believe diversity helps their global organizations, but too few of them actually put those beliefs into action by including foreign executives in their management teams.”

Exploring Unconscious Bias,” by Howard Ross, Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Cook Ross, Inc. as published in CDO Insights, Diversity Best Practices, August 2008.

Leadership and Influence: Effective Communication Practices, by Kim Zilliox, MA, MBA, CPCC, Women's Leadership Coaching, June 6, 2011

TED Talks(“Ideas worth sharing”)

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