Pharmacist and Patient Conversations at Independent Pharmacy (Electronic Download)

Published 2015

Each day pharmacists meet with patients to discuss their health and wellbeing. As part of that dialogue and as a normal course of business, pharmacists are suggesting non-prescription products — an average of six to 10 non-Rx recommendations each day. Produced in cooperation with Hamacher Resource Group (HRG), this study outlines the types of products pharmacists are recommending to patients, as well as how manufacturers, distributors and others can better equip pharmacists to more effectively engage with patients. This report: • Provides insights into the pharmacist-patient interaction at independent pharmacies, and identifies tools that may enhance these interactions; • Determines if pharmacists are speaking to patients about OTCs and guiding shoppers based on their recommendations and consultation; • Analyzes front-end sales, including categories that are increasing and contain the most recommended items; and, • Delivers actionable insights that can strengthen independent pharmacy’s role in the non-prescription side of their operation.

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Pharmacist and Patient Conversations