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HBW Webinar: Who Shops at the Independent Pharmacy?

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HBW Webinar

(Webinar held: January 30, 2013) In this 2013 webinar, HDMA and Dave Wendland, Vice President, Hamacher Resource Group (HRG) present the results of a research study ― supported by members of HDMA’s Health, Beauty and Wellness Committee, and designed and conducted by HRG ― that explores how and why shoppers make their purchases at independent pharmacies.

The study, comprising online pharmacist surveys, in-store shopper intercepts and point-of-sale data analysis, highlights the advantages of independent pharmacies; the state of front-end sales and key categories; the greatest competitive challenges and opportunities; profiles of independent pharmacy shoppers; and, recommended actions to fuel growth in this segment.

The data from this study will benefit manufacturers, distributors, independent pharmacies and the industry at large to better understand consumer attitudes toward independent pharmacies and serve as a springboard to innovation and enhanced conversation about this segment of the market. 



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