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Driving Toward DSCSA Implementation – Managing ASN Exceptions

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Traceability Webinar

(Webinar date: April 22, 2015) FDA’s window of “enforcement discretion” tied to the DSCSA product tracing requirements that went into effect at the beginning of the year will close on May 1, 2015. Are your systems in place?

Sponsored by Axway, this HDMA webinar — designed for manufacturers and other supply chain parties supporting DSCSA implementation activities — provides an update on traceability implementation from a systems and technology perspective. Explore HDMA's ASN Exceptions Guidelines for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act and learn about data integration of DSCSA information. Additionally, hear from a panel of industry experts, who will share lessons learned from exchanging data and cover technical scenarios.

Speakers: Atif Chaughtai, Director of Healthcare Solutions, Axway
Bruce Harold, Director of EDI, The Harvard Drug Group, LLC
John R. Miller, Senior Director, Industry Relations, HDMA
Tim Stearns, Senior E-Commerce Analyst, Baxter HealthCare



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