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Simplifying Your Master Data Workflow with HDA Origin

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(Webinar Held: November 28, 2018) The clock is ticking — and all Rx products packaged after November 27, 2019, will be serialized with GTINs printed on the packaging. In preparing for this deadline companies have been focused not only on the physical packages, but also the data that need to be communicated. To have serialized packages scanned and understood downstream, trading partners need master data.

When taking a hard look at how product master data is shared today, including its accuracy and completeness, companies are recognizing that there are opportunities to reorganize and streamline current practices. Rather than struggling to communicate GTIN product numbers manually with each downstream trading partner, companies can support their efforts by using HDA Origin to do this with ease and accuracy. 

HDA, in partnership with ValueCentric, has developed Origin as an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to manage your product GTINs. Submit your GTINs and key master data elements to Origin, and this information will be communicated to all distributors, and in the future, to dispensers as well. The product serves as a sole point of contact for any distributors who may have problems or questions about your packaging, helping you identify and resolve issues faster.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to review where companies are encountering issues managing master data today and the benefits of Origin.



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