Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Healthcare Distribution Industry DEI Vision and Approach

A focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within the pharmaceutical distribution sector is essential to ensuring the health and vitality of the communities we serve.

Thus, HDA and our members have committed to a vision to develop, collaborate and share DEI best practices to enhance our member organizations and, ultimately, to strengthen the industry’s ability to deliver safe, affordable and efficient healthcare.

Acting on this vision, HDA, in partnership with Ivy Planning Group, conducted a member-focused, industry-wide assessment of DEI within the sector. The findings informed a DEI strategic plan, created with oversight from a board-level committee chaired by Greg Drew, President, Value Drug Company.

With support from member company volunteers, HDA developed various resources and tools in alignment with the strategic plan, including a distribution sector statement of commitmentindustry-wide employee resource groups (ERGs), the "We Are Health Delivered" initiative, a behavioral framework resource guide and a supplier diversity commitment.

Chester "Chip" Davis, Jr.

A Message from HDA's President and CEO

"HDA's work to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the healthcare distribution industry recognizes the unique perspectives and skills that ultimately ensure that medicines, vaccines and healthcare products are delivered safely, reliably and efficiently — no matter the circumstances. Working alongside HDA’s 37 distributor member companies, we are committed to further advancing our industry towards a diverse, inclusive and equitable future. Joining our voices, we are Health Delivered. I encourage all HDA individual members to get involved in our critical efforts." 

Chester “Chip” Davis, Jr.

 Our Industry Commitment

  • Our Workforce

    Our companies seek to be diverse at all levels. Our industry will attract, hire and retain diverse talent pools who have the skills and potential that we need to be successful.
  • Our Culture

    We seek to have organizational cultures for creating inclusive workplaces where everyone feels they belong and can be successful. Our industry events will be welcoming and accessible to people from all backgrounds.
  • Our Vendors/Partners

    We identify, select and collaborate with business partners that reflect diversity.

#WeAreHealthDelivered Initiative

 "We Are Health Delivered" Initiative

The "We Are Health Delivered" communications initiative was developed to actively showcase the diverse perspectives, skills and people who make the healthcare supply chain work. This campaign aligns with HDA’s tagline, Health Delivered.

As highlighted in HDA’s latest national advertisement, the industry’s collective strength comes from bringing diverse backgrounds, perspectives and communities together. We encourage members to use the hashtag #WeAreHealthDelivered when sharing information related to their company’s recruiting and cultural initiatives that exemplify their commitment to DEI.


 Connect with Peers: Industry-Wide ERGs

HDA launched industry-wide employee resource groups (ERGs) for all member organizations. The goals of the ERGs include creating a safe space for people who share a common identity and their allies, providing professional development and growth opportunities and developing projects that bring about positive enhancements to our industry's business and culture. Based on feedback from a member survey, HDA established four ERGs: Black and African American Employee Network, Hispanic and Latin Employee Network, Asian American and Pacific Islander Employee Network, and Women's Employee Network. All employees of HDA member companies are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Employee Network,Black and African American Employee Network
Hispanic and Latin Employee NetworkWomen's Employee Network


Behavioral Framework and Resource Guide

Behavioral Framework and Resource Guide

The DEI Behavioral Framework and accompanying Resource Guide are tools to assist HDA member companies with putting their commitment to DEI into action. They were designed to complement an organization’s values and be incorporated into existing human capital approaches and can be applied flexibly to each company’s unique environment.

Access Guide

Supplier Diversity Commitment

 Supplier Diversity Commitment

HDA’s distributor members are committed to advancing the healthcare supply chain by increasing supplier diversity. Strengthening our supply chain with diverse partners will improve equity, increase community engagement across the markets we serve and solidify our impact.

We endeavor to expand and strengthen existing supplier diversity programs by identifying, developing and growing mutually beneficial partnerships with certified small businesses, and those that are at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by minority, women, disadvantaged/disabled, veteran and LGBTQ+ persons. HDA will support our members in meeting marketplace opportunities and expectations by establishing supplier diversity resources and forums, and we will recognize our members for sharing in these efforts to maintain a diverse, equitable and inclusive supply chain.

HDA Member DEI Initiatives

Many of HDA's 37 members have existing, internal DEI programs for their organizations to further promote DEI within their company’s culture. A number of these companies had representatives lend perspectives during the development of the above resources, informed by their internal programs.