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Members of HDA have access to the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC), affording access to advanced supply chain security intelligence as well as vital industry, government and vendor contacts. Further, members may take advantage of comprehensive physical and supply chain security assessments; a reference library of supply chain security publications, articles and documents and opportunities to attend a signature educational event and complimentary webinars.

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HDA PCSC Educational Seminar

Register now for the 2023 PCSC Educational Seminar, taking place April 4-5, 2023 at the Hanover Marriott.

The PCSC's signature annual educational event brings together those within healthcare, as well as many other industries, that ship and store sensitive, high-risk/high-value products — anywhere in the world. Held annually since 2006, this supply chain security educational event provides interactive instruction, with both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as case-study discussions and “table-top” simulation exercises. Attendees are introduced to government law enforcement and regulatory personnel (and vice-versa) to enhance knowledge of supply chain security best practices.

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We deliver safety, compliance and efficiency. Simply. If you care about receiving safe medicines from the pharmacist, safe vaccines from your doctor and safe food from your grocer, you care about temperature and conditions monitoring. Sonicu has more than 500 customers in all 50 states and serves Healthcare, Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Distribution industries. Customers trust Sonicu to monitor cold storage temperature, ambient room condition temperature and humidity, air pressure differential and sound.

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