Driving Research, Education and Discussion Within the Healthcare Supply Chain

The HDA Research Foundation serves as the thought leader in driving research, education 
and discussion for all healthcare supply chain stakeholders.

Thought-Leadership Delivered

The Foundation helps enable the industry's ability to deliver efficient, safe and secure patient access to medicines and medical products by:

Acting as the go-to, fact-based, objective source of information on how products move throughout the healthcare supply chain;
Producing information and insights that support the accurate representation of the value and role of healthcare distributors;   

Serving as a catalyst in the discussion of standards, policies and practices for safe healthcare distribution and product access;

Supporting innovation and education of pharmacy and supply chain professionals in the processes behind the safe and reliable distribution of medicines and medical products. 


Cold Chain Distribution
Foundation Publication
The Future of U.S. Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Distribution
Published 2024
2023 Specialty Pharmaceutical Disribution
Foundation Publication
2023 Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution Facts, Figures and Trends
Published 2023
Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

The HDA Research Foundation's 2023 Annual Report highlights the publications, programs and resources generated last year to support the industry's ability to deliver efficient, safe and secure access to medicines and medical products. 

Read about the Foundation’s latest research and education initiatives working to strengthen healthcare supply chain operations now and in the future.


2023 Factbook

Delve Into the Latest Industry Research

Schedule a private briefing with the Foundation’s research experts to explore the latest Factbook data. Sessions can be tailored to each company’s needs and interests to help break down key findings to enhance business operations. 

To learn more or schedule your session, contact the Foundation’s Director 
Rachel Newman

Download the Factbook

Stakeholder Engagement

The Foundation recognizes and honors pharmaceutical supply chain leadership through our annual event and award presentations.

CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable is the HDA Research Foundation's annual fundraiser. This event helps to support the Foundation’s mission to serve as the thought leader in driving research, education and discussion for all healthcare supply chain stakeholders.

Nexus Award

Since 1956, the Nexus Award has been the pharmaceutical distribution industry's highest individual award recognizing lifetime achievement. This award honors exceptional character, accomplishments and leadership in HDA, the industry and the community at large.

Annual Grant Contributors