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BLC 2016


BLC | June 10-13 | Colorado Springs, Colo.


Lawrence Levy  
Lawrence Levy, Author, To Pixar and Beyond, Juniper Foundation

In 1994, out of the blue, Lawrence Levy received a phone call from Steve Jobs to see if he had any interest in running Pixar’s business. Over the next 12 years, Lawrence served as Pixar’s Chief Financial Officer, a member of its Office of the President and later as a member of its board of directors. During this period, he developed and put in place the strategy that would transform Pixar from a money-losing graphics company into an entertainment powerhouse.

Lawrence then took a break from corporate life to pursue his passion for eastern philosophy and meditation. He came to see the power of these ideas for realizing our potential as individuals and for creating human-centered organizations that foster creativity, dignity and excellence.

In 2003, together with four co-founders, Lawrence created a non-profit called Juniper Foundation that focuses on bringing Indo-Tibetan meditation practices to contemporary life. He teaches meditation weekly.

In 2016, Lawrence released his bestselling first book, To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History.

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