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DMC 2020


DMC and Expo | March 8–11 | San Diego, Calif.


Luisa Aleman  
Luisa F. Aleman, Associate Director, Creative Services, Healthcare Distribution Alliance

Christopher Antypas  
Christopher Antypas, PharmD, President & Chief Operating Officer , Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy

Christopher Antypas is currently serving as President at Asti's South Hills Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy that is pushing the boundaries of community pharmacy practice. A native of Pittsburgh, Chris earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, and has extensive experience in a variety of pharmacy practice settings. In addition to his role at Asti's, he owns and operates 2 additional pharmacies in Pittsburgh, PA that each serve a unique patient population. His pharmacies include a specialty pharmacy that supports patients suffering from complex conditions by providing specialty therapies, as well as a long-term care pharmacy that services patients residing in a facility.

In addition to his experience as a business owner, manager, and clinician, Chris is practicing as a pharmacy consultant and adviser. He is presently the Director of Pharmacy Solutions for Henderson Brothers, Inc., an insurance and benefits brokerage/consulting firm in Pittsburgh. In this role, Chris helps to support large, self-funded employers manage their pharmacy benefit with thoughtful and innovative strategies.

Chris currently serves as a board member of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association and also sits on the advisory board for both Value Drug Company and Prescribe Wellness. He has been named as a Luminary for The Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (CPESN) as well as The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN), and in this capacity, he is helping to reshape community pharmacy practice with innovation and cutting-edge pharmacy care. Known for his commitment to advance pharmacy practice, Chris has been invited to speak nationally and regionally on a variety of pharmacy topics. Chris was recently honored to be named the 2019 ‘Pharmacist of the Year’ by the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association, and in October of 2020, Chris was named the 'Next Generation Pharmacist - Entrepreneur of the Year'.

Pharmacy has been a life's passion for Chris, and when he's not solving medication related problems, he enjoys every minute with his wife and 3 children in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Ronald Bone  
Ronald N. Bone, HDA Consultant, Ronald N. Bone Consulting LLC

Ron Bone is a consultant in the area of Pharmaceutical Traceability and is currently focusing on the implementation of the U.S. 2013 Drug Quality and Security Act. Ron retired from McKesson Corporation where he held the position of Senior Vice President, Distribution Support. His responsibilities included Regulatory Affairs and leading McKesson's product security initiatives through the use of electronic track and trace.

Ron spent 41 years with McKesson Corporation in various operations, sales and financial management positions. He was a member of the of the GS1 Process Oversight Committee, a member of the Leadership Teams of GS1 Global Healthcare and GS1 US Healthcare, and was a member of the Industry Relations Council for the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA). In 2008, Bone testified before the U.S. House of Representatives, Energy and Commerce Committee as an industry expert on anti-counterfeiting. In 2007, he was the recipient of HDMA’s Nexus Award, which is the industry’s highest honor recognizing leadership, exemplary service and professional excellence.

Ron received his BS and MBA degrees from San Jose State University.

Randy Bradley  
Randy V. Bradley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee

Dr. Randy V. Bradley is an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management in the Haslam College of Business at The University of Tennessee. He is also EVP, Digital Transformation in Life Sciences for Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) and Principal Owner of RV Bradley, LLC. He holds a Ph.D. in Management of Information Technology and Innovation, an M.S. in Management Information Systems, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering, all from Auburn University. Dr. Bradley is a preeminent thought leader and highly sought-after speaker for professional and corporate conferences and events. Dr. Bradley has 20+ years of industry experience as a consultant and healthcare supply chain and IT strategist and researcher. His expertise includes digital business transformation, supply chain digitalization, and the strategic application of business analytics and IT in the supply chain, with an emphasis on the healthcare sector.

Kevin Capatch  
Kevin Capatch, Director, Process Engineering, Geisinger Health System

As a Director at Geisinger Health, Kevin utilizes Lean Thinking to focus on magnifying the value and eliminating the waste in the core value streams. Kevin’s evangelistic leadership style and manufacturing-based operational expertise, combined with his information systems background, has allowed him to stimulate new thinking and promotion of process redesign in Geisinger’s supply chain information and care support delivery systems. He is a foundational leader with the Healthcare Transformation Group (HTG), the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for GS1 U.S. Healthcare, and now serving on the Board of the newly formed Partnership for DSCSA Governance (PDG).He is active on multiple GS1, AHRMM, ASCx12, and C4SCS workgroups.He has completed AHRMM’s Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership Institute and completed his master’s degree in Project Management. In his spare time, he and his wife Diane, support their two son’s passion for cooking, and auto and motorcycle restoration.

Robert Celeste  
Robert Celeste, Founder, Center for Supply Chain Studies

Bob Celeste’s deep understanding and knowledge of the healthcare supply chain, including current standards and technologies, along with his ability to harness his expertise and innovate around the complexities of track-and-trace implementation, serialization and regulatory compliance, has made him a trusted industry partner.

Along with his work with both state and federal regulators, Bob often serves as an advisor to the FDA, State Boards of Pharmacy and other governing organizations. Most recently he was tapped as an advisor to the USAID and international regulators on the identification and tracking of drugs and medical supplies.

Bob launched the Center for Supply Chain Studies in 2015 to continue his practice of utilizing strategic simulations to address the challenges and demands of the supply chain. His expertise extends across many industries, including pharmaceutical, consumer goods, fresh foods, aerospace, automotive, specialty chemicals and others.

Prior to founding the Center, Bob was Senior Director at GS1 US, where he worked with industry on standards-based, item-level traceability and was the lead in developing the first DSCSA implementation guideline.

Chad Connelly  
Chad Connelly, Senior Director, GPO Supply Chain Technology, Premier, Inc.

Larry Cote  
Larry P. Cote, Founding Partner, Cote Law PLLC

Larry Cote is one of the nation’s foremost Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) compliance attorneys. He focuses his practice on counseling clients across the spectrum of regulatory compliance and enforcement issues involving the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Having spent six and a half years heading up a national law firm’s DEA Compliance and Litigation Practice Group, Larry took the practice to his own firm, Cote Law PLLC, in 2018. Immediately before his law firm tenure, Larry was associate chief counsel for the Diversion and Regulatory Litigation Section at DEA. In this position, he took a prominent role in many of DEA’s most significant enforcement actions and compliance efforts.