BluPax Pharma Celebrates 10 Years of Effective Relationship Building

April 18, 2022

For HDA member BluPax Pharma, an independently owned and operated distributor of generic pharmaceuticals, relationships are at the core of everything they do.

This year, BluPax Pharma celebrates 10 years of strengthening partnerships with manufacturers and providers to bring value, quality and dependability to the healthcare supply chain.

Celebrating a Decade of Successfully Fostering Partnerships

BluPax Pharma was established in 2012 on the foundation of fostering a healthy and open dialogue with their manufacturer and provider customers.

What began as two employees working in a small room with a product line of eight stock keeping units (SKUs) has grown into a National Association of Boards of Pharmacy-accredited distributor that handles more than 3,000 distinct healthcare products, including tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, liquids, vaccines, OTCs and injectables. The company proudly partners with long-term care pharmacies, independent retail pharmacies, national chains and hospitals to keep shelves stocked with the medicines that patients need.

Avi Maidenberg, BluPax Pharma’s Chief Marketing Officer, credits this growth to the strength of the connections they have built across the entire pharmaceutical supply chain.

“Ten years later, we have more than 70 employees across regional offices, over 100 direct manufacturer relationships, a catalog of over 3,500 SKUs, and we’re growing incredible relationships with manufacturers and pharmacies all over the U.S.,” Maidenberg said.

Leveraging Client Connections to Maneuver the Challenges of COVID-19

Despite the unprecedented demand for critical medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic, the strength of BluPax Pharma’s relationships with their vendor partners and customers equipped the company to effectively operate despite the challenges of the public health crisis.

Critical to this effort has been a commitment to transparency. During the early stages of the pandemic, while the pharmaceutical supply chain was at the highest risk for disruption, the organization maintained constant communication with customers about inventory availability to help healthcare providers anticipate, adapt and adjust to patient needs and protect the steady supply of critical, lifesaving medicines.

BluPax Pharma also has strengthened partnerships by recognizing the tremendous efforts of those working directly with patients on the frontlines. Through their “Healthcare Heroes” campaign, launched in June 2020, the company expresses gratitude for those working on the frontlines to keep Americans healthy and safe.

Empowering Employees Through Internal Communications

BluPax Pharma’s commitment to fostering strong connections extends to their employees. As the company has grown, they continue to place a premium on internal communication and collaboration to further support their mission.

Every summer, the company organizes a staff retreat to strengthen their team dynamic and give back to the community. Last year's event involved splitting the company into groups for a teamwork challenge to see who could securely build a bicycle in the least amount of time. Following the event, they donated the bikes to Raritan Valley YMCA – Children’s Programs to support kids in need.

The past decade has been a successful period of growth for BluPax Pharma, and the company has plans to capitalize on the strong foundation that has been built. By continuing to cultivate rewarding relationships with their customers and team members, BluPax Pharma is positioned to surpass many new milestones.

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