HDA Chairman Kirk Kaminsky on Membership Visit to D.C. Office, Capitol Hill

June 07, 2023

After a successful first quarter, HDA welcomed its Board of Directors, members and other esteemed guests to officially open the association’s new headquarters in the nation’s capital on April 19, as well as to convene its spring governance meeting the following day. In addition to conducting the business of the HDA Board of Directors and Open House, 20 members of the Board and their executives spent time on Capitol Hill speaking with members of Congress about the value of the healthcare distribution sector.

In his first official meeting as HDA’s Chairman of the Board, Kirk Kaminsky, President, Pharmaceutical Solutions and Services for McKesson Corporation, talked about his new role as HDA Chairman, HDA’s office and the importance of engagement in Washington and across the country.

HDA: It was great to welcome you to D.C. in April — how do you think the space and location of our new headquarters will help support the important work of HDA?

Kaminsky: First, I want to thank you all for hosting me and other members for this event. It was rewarding to see the enthusiasm for HDA’s mission and the value of distribution during a busy two days.

As Chairman, I want to encourage a heightened level of participation in advocacy efforts on behalf of our industry — and what better place to do that than a few blocks away from Congress. HDA’s new location provides exceptional opportunities for HDA’s team and our entire membership to access individuals on Capitol Hill. There are many policy issues directly and indirectly impacting the healthcare distribution supply chain, and effective dialogue with government decision makers is imperative.

Beyond HDA’s location relative to the Capitol and the White House, the office is a wonderful space to work. From the flow of the office to the integration of the organization’s mission, values and the strategic imperatives into the space, every element supports HDA’s ability to advocate for policies relevant to distribution, collaborate with industry stakeholders and lead on healthcare supply chain issues.

HDA: Many of our members had a busy day of meetings on Capitol Hill on April 19. What is the value of HDA members participating in legislative visits?

Kaminsky: It was great to see such active participation from HDA's members and I hope it will encourage future engagement. Board members were able to meet with individuals involved in congressional committees of jurisdiction or working on legislation applicable to the healthcare distribution industry, such as reauthorization of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA), but also proposals related to healthcare affordability. The connections made during the Hill Day have already resulted in meaningful action, including a distribution center tour hosted by a fellow HDA member company for a Congressman.

While McKesson and other HDA members are familiar partners with the government, the distribution sector is not always top of mind for members of Congress and their staff. Through these meetings, HDA members provided firsthand perspectives with lawmakers, which they can reference when making decisions that might affect the pharmaceutical supply chain.

HDA’s Government Affairs team was a great asset in preparing members — some of whom went to Capitol Hill for the first time.*

HDA: What are you looking forward to accomplishing in your first year as Chairman?

Kaminsky: It is an honor to serve in this role. The Board, working in tandem with the HDA staff, is continuing to advance our industry’s value proposition as we navigate a challenging policy environment. With the looming DSCSA implementation deadline, the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and must-pass legislation like PAHPA and continued focus on access and affordability — there is no shortage of issues requiring our attention and expertise.

HDA: Any other insights to share?

Kaminsky: A major goal of HDA's Board-endorsed strategic plan is strong member engagement through shared participation and an enhanced collective voice. We have driven significant progress and legislators, regulators and stakeholders are taking note. The Board meeting and recent Hill Day are reflective of our industry’s positive momentum, and I encourage all of our members to seek additional opportunities to engage, especially from HDA’s strategically located new office on Pennsylvania Avenue!

*For more information on congressional visits and tours, contact Abigail Kizer.

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