Understanding Pharmaceutical Distribution

Published 2023

This interactive course is made up of 13 modules illustrating the key pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders and their functions as products move from the manufacturer to the customer.

The course provides users with information on DSCSA, supply chain resilience and the returns/recalls process, with content based on The Role of Distributors in the US Health Care Industry, the 93rd Edition HDA Factbook and The Role of Reverse Distribution.

Designed with training in mind, the course can be used as a whole, or trainers can pick and choose which modules to focus on. In addition to being mobile-friendly, this resource includes a search function, quiz questions and a flash card glossary.

Please note, viewing in Chrome is recommended for the best user experience; click here for required browser settings. For course questions, or if you need help accessing the modules, contact Rachel Newman.


Eisai, Inc. and Teva Pharmaceuticals

Understanding Pharmaceutical Distribution