HDA’s Davis Shares 2022 Strategic Priorities Under Increased Awareness of Supply Chains

January 03, 2022

Events spanning COVID-19 vaccine distribution to shipping containers held up at port have made the supply chain a “kitchen-table” issue during the past year. Many industries experienced notable disruptions in their delivery of goods and supplies; however, as noted by President and CEO Chip Davis, “[P]harmacies, health systems and physicians’ offices, more than 180,000 across the country, remain stocked with the lifesaving medications and vaccines patients need. That didn’t happen by accident.” Davis’ perspective was featured alongside healthcare supply chain association leaders as part of Chain Drug Review’s annual “Pharmacy Outlook” feature.

While most Americans typically don't think about the inner workings of the healthcare supply chain, the pandemic response has provided HDA with the opportunity to showcase its distributor members’ incredible role and value in the healthcare ecosystem. As Davis underscores, “the private sector is a vital and effective partner to government in times of calm and in crisis. HDA distributors have the infrastructure and expertise to do even more, especially as the Biden administration as well as federal and state lawmakers look to reinforce our country’s readiness and response capabilities.”

Davis writes about issues that HDA will address on behalf of its members in 2022, using this increased recognition as momentum to strengthen the industry’s voice and thought leadership among policymakers and key stakeholders. Those issues include:

As healthcare distributors continue to deliver 10.5 million prescription medicines and healthcare products each day, while operating under the slimmest margins of any other entity in the supply chain, HDA will continue to underscore the value of our members and convene industry to support further logistics innovation.

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