Healthcare Distributors Honored as 2021 'Hero of the Supply Chain'

February 16, 2022

Throughout the past year, HDA distributor members worked tirelessly to ensure the continued delivery of everyday, lifesaving medicines and support COVID-19 response efforts. Equipped with extensive logistics expertise, distributors used communication, collaboration and coordination with trading partners and at all levels of the government to aid and help protect the health of Americans across the country.

In recognition of this feat, HDA is proud to have been named a “2021 Hero of the Supply Chain” by Healthcare Ready on behalf of the healthcare distribution industry. The honor underscores how HDA’s members, and the industry at large, have demonstrated the ability to adapt, find creative solutions and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Beyond the sector’s work to increase medical capacity, enhance our national supply of critical COVID-19 vaccines and supplies, protect the health and safety of frontline employees and enable treatment for patients, the distinction also recognizes HDA’s commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive industry.

While the fight against COVID-19 persists, the past year reinforced that it is during public health crises that distributors can, and should, play a vital role in the emergency response efforts run by federal, state and local entities.

Healthcare Ready is a nonprofit organization that helps strengthen the U.S. healthcare system and assist communities in planning for, responding to, and recovering from disasters and disease pandemics. It connects industry, and local, state, and federal governments to help build resilient communities and safeguard patients before, during and after public health emergencies.

Visit to learn more about Healthcare Ready’s Heroes of the Supply Chain campaign. For additional resources and information on distributors’ response to COVID-19, click here.